The special secret of taste: Consistency

During cooking shows and often in cookbooks, we read about measurements that are far from absolute: sufficient…rule of thumb…a pinch!

The secret of the dish ultimately lies in this.

And the key to unlocking this secret is consistency !

The one who makes a tasty dish is the one who has mastered the consistency!

Consistency can be quantitative like the amount of water, oil or minced meat…

Consistency can also be qualitative like raw, done or juicy …

If someone likes his pasta al dente, you will not be able to make him like an overcooked spaghetti just like you can’t make someone eat an overdone steak if they prefer it bloody!..

You can turn a dish into mush by adding too much fat or burn it by adding very little !..

The most difficult thing when creating recipes is determining consistency; giving quantitative or qualitative measurements.

Since the number of people that will be served is never the same, it could be misleading to give definite measurements.

That’s why you often come across expressions such as enough, sufficient and a pinch…

You will see them in my recipes too.

In restaurants there are predetermined standards since a consistency for each customer is not possible.

In our homes, we can standardize preferences and get a certain consistency because we know who people in our house like.

Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend…Whoever is cooking can set the consistency.

A dish that appeals to all is of course appreciated.

And that is called a tasty dish!