Broad Beans in Olive Oil



This is a perfect dish that is both healthy and tasty!

Ingredients :

1/2 kilos of green broad beans

1/2 tea glass of extra virgin olive oil

A pinch of flour

Salt, sugar

A mid-size onion

Less than half the juice of a lemon

Three tablespoons of yoghurt

Three cloves of garlic

A bunch of dill

Recipe :

Broad beans are washed, dried, peeled, divided into two and placed in water with flour.

Olive oil is placed inside a pan; when it gets hot enough, cubed onions are added, mixed and when the onions are cooked, drained beans are added to the pan. Salt, sugar and lemon juice is added to a teaspoon of flour and poured over the beans. Hot water is added up to the point they don’t cover the beans and the lid is placed. When the mixture boils, the heat is turned down and completely turned off when the beans have softened. If you don’t place the lid until the beans are cooked they will remain green. Salt is added to the yoghurt along with crushed garlic and dill and is poured over the cooled beans. Garnish with dill.