Celery with Orange



It’s a dish made with olive oil. It’s an ideal meal for vegetarians  if paired with some salad and fruit.

Ingredients :

Two large celery ( rinsed, peeled, cut into circles and placed inside water with lemon )

Two large quinces (rinsed, cut into circles and placed inside water with lemon)

1/2 lemon juice

Juice of one orange

10 shallots

Salt , a pinch of sugar, extra virgin olive oil ( 1/2 tea glass ) , dried mint or dill or fresh mint


Place the olive oil inside a pot and when it gets hot, add the shallots. Then arrange the rinsed celeries and the quinces. Pour the lemon and orange juice, add salt and sugar and finally cut the celery leaves into small shards to lay on top. Place a lid on the pot, add some hot water and close the lid. When the water boils turn down the heat and place the contents into an oven pan. Set the oven for 200 degrees centigrade and cook until the top is golden brown. Place the dish on a plate. Blender the water and shallots, drizzle over the dish and garnish with either mint or dill.