Rice with Eggplant



Back in the day, people used to say that the season of eggplant was the season of fire !

The majority of the houses in cities were made from wood. When eggplant season began and people started frying eggplant in their homes, sparks that spurted out caused fires. We had heard that not just houses but entire neighborhoods had burnt down because of this.

Then cities became concrete. Old, beautiful wooden houses gave way to concrete apartments that looked all the same. The risk of eggplants causing fires decreased thanks to kitchens covered in ceramics. Nevertheless, let me give you the recipe of a risk-free eggplant dish.

Rice with eggplant is a dish served cold and it even tastes better a day after it’s cooked. I think it’s even tastier than the best risotto.

Ingredients :

3 eggplants

1red , 1 green , 1 yellow bell pepper

2 .5 – 3 cups of olive oil

1 onion

250 grams of rice

250 cl .(1 cup) water

Allspice, salt, sugar, dill


Rice grains are left in salty hot water for 30 minutes. Peppers are cut, eggplants are peeled lengthwise and cut into quarts and then cut again diagonally. Eggplants are soaked in salty water for 20 minutes, rinsed and dried thoroughly .

Olive oil places inside a pan. First, peppers are fried, taken out and then eggplants are fried in the same oil. 3-4 tablespoons of fried oil is placed inside the rice pot. A glass of water is added and the lid is placed on the pot. When the water boils, first the rice which has been rinsed with cold water and then the peppers and eggplants are added. Salt, allspice and sugar is added next. The ingredients are mixed and then cooked until the water evaporates. Finally, dill is added. The pot is covered with a clean cloth and left to rest.

The well rested rice is now ready to serve!