Bonita Vinaigrette




You know how doctors insist we eat fish…Well, here’s a healthy and tasty fish dish. This goes better with a glass of white wine!

Ingredients :

2 mid-sized bonitas , sliced (1/2 finger width)

One grated onion

Thinly sliced 4-5 spring onions

Thinly sliced , 1 green ,1 yellow , 1 red bell pepper

1 / 2 bunch of parsley , 1 / 2 bunch of dill

2 bay leaves

1, 5 Turkish coffee cups of extra virgin olive oil

Salt, 5-6 black pepper corns

2 mid-size potatoes

Recipe :

A pan is oiled and potatoes cut as rings are placed at the bottom. A sauce is made with the combination of onions, peppers dill, parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper. Half the sauce is poured over the potatoes. Then the fish is laid on top of the potatoes and the rest of the sauce is poured over the fish. 2 bay leaves are placed on top and olive oil is drizzled over the top. The lid is placed and the dish is cooked over medium heat. The stew is served warm.