Steamed Anchovies



The steamed version of this very valuable fish, popular and used in every way in the Black Sea Region, is very tasty and healthy.

Ingredients :

750 grams of anchovies

2 ripe tomatoes

1 green , 1 red bell pepper

3 spring onions

1 pinch of parsley , 1 a pinch of dill

2 bay leaves

1 lemon ( cut lengthwise, 5-6 slices)

Salt , 4 -5 black pepper corns

1/2 tea glass of extra virgin olive oil

Recipe :

Anchovies are cleaned, washed and drained. Tomatoes are peeled and grated. Peppers, spring onions, parsley and dill are all cut thinly. Lemons are cut into thin slices .

A pan is oiled and the fish are laid in an orderly fashion. Peppers, spring onions, parsley and dill are placed on top of the fish. 2 bay leaves and lemon slices are arranged over the mixture. Salt and pepper are sprinkled. Finally, extra virgin olive oil is drizzled. The lid is placed and the dish is cooked over low heat.

Or, all the ingredients except the anchovies are cooked in olive oil and poured over the fish. This way, the anchovies are steamed in a shorter time.