Gül Pastry (Pastry in water)



If you have a diet that requires balancing proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates, this is a great dish for the carbohydrate part.

Ingredients :

One phyllo dough

250 grams of feta cheese

One mid-sized boiled potato

A tablespoon of butter

An egg and the yoke of one egg

Sesame and black cumin seeds

A glass of milk , sesame seeds, dill, black pepper


Feta cheese is washed, dried and squashed with a fork. The potato is also squashed with a fork and the two are thoroughly mixed. Cold pieces of butter is added to the mix along with an egg, black pepper and thinly cut dill.

The dough is divided into 8 equal pieces and melted butter is smeared over each piece. The filling is placed in the wide area and the dough is rolled into the shape of a rose. The tip of the dough is secured under the rose. All eight pieces are placed on an oven pan. Water, milk or a mixture of water and milk is poured over the dough. The pastries are left to sit in this liquid for 20 minutes. Then the roses are squeezed lightly and dried gently with a clean cloth.  They are placed on a pan, apart from each other; melted butter is brushed and sesame and black cumin seeds are sprinkled on top. The pastry is cooked in a 175 degree oven for 35-40 minutes.

If there is any filling left, combine it with various peppers and peeled and cubed tomatoes. Add parsley, smear the mixture over pieces of bread and cook them in the oven.

This pastry goes great with tea.