Black & White Pudding

çikolatalı muhallebi


We all have a weakness for dessert. Since experts continuously tell us that sugar is bad for our health, it is only appropriate that we consume desserts that are minimally harmful.

Since black and white pudding is made with milk and bitter chocolate, we can safely say that it’s a good choice.

Ingredients :

125 grams of butter

2 Turkish coffee cups of flour

1 liter of boiled and then warmed milk

1 bitter chocolate

1 cup of sugar

2 pieces of crushed mastic

A few strawberries



Place the butter inside a pot; when it melts add the flour, stir and add the milk when you can smell the flour. Mix again and add the sugar and mastic. When the pudding is ready, turn off the heat and mix it with a blender for 10-15 minutes. Since this dessert has two colors, divide the pudding into two and pour the white mixture into glass bowls. When this mixture cools, melt pieces of bitter chocolate with the bain-marie method.  When that cools, mix it with a blender for 10-15 minutes and pour it over the white pudding. The bowls are decorated with a few pieces of strawberry and fresh mint leaves.