Garlic Soup



Garlic is a crucial ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine.

It gives taste to food and it is also very good for your health.

It is said that garlic does wonders to many diseases such as cardio vascular illnesses, high blood pressure and viral infections.

In the Mediterranean cuisine, it’s usually used in dishes, added to sauces and decorates salads.

There is even a dish made with garlic and lamb. I haven’t tried it so I wouldn’t know. But here is a dish I make and love: garlic soup.


1 onion

3 cloves of garlic

2- 3 small potatoes

2 tablespoon of flour

250 ml milk

1/2 tablespoon of tomato paste

1/2 tablespoon of butter

Red pepper flakes



Cut the onion into large chunks and peel the garlic.

Place the butter in a pan (you can use olive oil if you wish)

Add the onion and garlic, cook. Cut the potatoes into big chunks and add them to the pan.

Add the flour and cook. Pour warm milk, plenty of chicken or veal stock and leave to boil. When the garlic is cooked, puree the mixture with a hand blender. Pour the soup into individual bowls.  Drizzle the hot sauce made with tomato paste, butter, red pepper flakes and dried mint. Finally, sprinkle some chives.

Bon apetit.