I don’t go to restaurants to fill my belly.

My wife of 43 years is a great cook. I could happily eat at home instead of going out for the next 43 years…

Having said that, we go out a lot to eat just by ourselves or with friends and family. Going to a restaurant gives us a chance for a change. It’s all about seeing someplace new, trying something new and finding somewhere new for a unique conversation outside the confines of the house. That’s why I don’t rate restaurants solely based on the quality of the food. The view, atmosphere, décor, the profile of the clientele, the service and the “enjoyable ambiance” on offer at restaurants are as important to me as their food. After all, a restaurant has more function than just being a soup kitchen! I attach great importance as to whether they’re fulfilling this function or not. And just between you and me, I have no palate for sampling 10 different types of food and then passing judgment like a food critic; I don’t have nearly the knowledge or the interest they have in food. I’m just an ordinary restaurant patron searching for two plates of food at a good price – albeit in an enjoyable atmosphere.

In this blog, I mention a bit about restaurants, but I don’t particularly dwell on the food or the prices. Everyone can easily find out such things for themselves and, given that such things always change, anything I would say on this front would only mislead the reader. My goal is more to relate to you what the restaurants I’ve gone to are like and my experiences at such establishments – while sharing with you a few other things that come to mind in the process.

And if I can make you smile a bit in the process, then all the better!

That’s it in a nutshell!

…Except that’s not quite all of it: There’s something important I should share with you about the nature of this blog:

It doesn’t accept advertising…

It doesn’t accept sponsors…

And the bill was paid for the food at all the restaurants presented in this blog.

In short, this is an independent blog.

That’s better…

This blog has been made possible thanks to the voluntary and affectionate contributions of a small team.

Esin Aksoy prepared the site and continues to manage it.

The English translations come from Stefan Martens and Roxanne Yurchak…

Gül Cici coordinates our productive undertakings.

I express my great gratitude to them.

At the same time,

I know that the greatest reward for the writer is the appreciation of the reader!

I’m grateful to you as well for reading.

Reha Tanör


Vedat Milor , Hürriyet 12.11.2016:

““When I read a piece on restaurants, I look for cutting observations, satire and philosophical depth. In terms of gastronomy, there are two Turkish websites that give me a lot of pleasure: One is www.rehatanor.com… I think it’s more of a travel site. Professor Tanör , who I know well and who was known always to give tough marks in class, has gained the appreciation of admirers and non-admirers alike with his cutting intellect and extensive experience. These characteristics are all to be found on the site