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AS is a modern venue, a café, bar, restaurant and disco rolled into one in Ljubljana. They have a DJ, as well as a section where Clinton was photographed eating fish. It’s a bit of everything but the well-heeled youth come here to see and be seen…Sporty-chic…It was nice watching young Slovenians, but while its huge cutlet was good, the rib eye steak was bad…
One thing that caught our eye in Ljubljana was that young/middle-aged women and men were wining and dining in groups in restaurants, bars and cafés. Everywhere we looked, we saw two or three women or men dining in groups; we couldn’t figure out why. Usually in Eastern countries when three or four couples go out to dinner, the women gather in one area to chat and the men sit in another corner. Since the topics of conversation for these two groups are usually different, this can be seen as convenient for everybody and should not be dismissed. We couldn’t help but wonder if the same thing was happening in Europe!
More to the point, we pondered whether people, at a time when they have become atomized and opted to remain alone with their computers and devices, were drifting toward clustering based on gender when they come together!
We had an enjoyable meal, had fun and returned to our hotel.

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