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If you want to go to Ljubljana, my recommendation for a hotel would be the Antiq Palace and SPA. (Not the Antiq hotel, that’s something else…) The place is an old mansion that was renovated and turned into a very cute boutique hotel. During the renovations, however, they didn’t pare the rooms down to standard size, so all of them remain as large as senior suites. In fact, the double room we requested was even more interesting: it boasted a large desk, a huge old couch, two humongous armchairs, a TV, a big living room, a large dining table that could seat six, an open kitchen, a dining room with crystal glassware, a bedroom, an anti-chamber and a bathroom, all spread over 150 square meters! (The room, illuminated with magnificent Venetian chandeliers, costs 211 euros a night, making the hotel the most expensive in the city. The price includes a rich breakfast with champagne in the breakfast hall, which itself features comfortable chairs, couches and a fireplace.)

A word to the wise, however: Taxi drivers don’t know where the hotel is (I can’t imagine why) and even though it’s possible for them to pull up to the door, they drop you off in an area closed to traffic near the establishment. (One of the weakest aspects of the city are its cabbies…They drive tip-top Mercedes, but their knowledge of the city and their level of intellect is below that of carriage drivers…) Since the hotel is so cool, only a small plaque that requires close inspection indicates that the place is actually a hotel, but you can’t help but wonder what these people are doing with such a high gross national income when taxi drivers and shop owners in the area don’t even know where the most important hotel in the city is located!

One of the restaurants I would recommend is Valvas’Or.

The Valvas’or is an elegant and chic restaurant with a decor, ambiance and service that is modern and dignified. I can safely say that its grilled tuna was one of the best I’d ever tasted. The sea bass with mushrooms was also new but when it comes to fish, nothing can compete with something grilled from the Mediterranean!



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