We couldn’t find what we were looking for in two restaurants we’d visited to listen to gypsy music in Budapest, had to listen to out of fashion western songs and were disappointed. But what was that we were hearing on the way back to the hotel?

We heard some Gypsy music and a song from a large group on our way to the hotel. We were immediately drawn toward the sound. People were playing music and singing in a small restaurant.
What were they playing?
The music we wanted to hear!
We looked through the door; it was an amazing atmosphere. We asked if they had a free table but they regrettably said they were full. I turned to my wife and assured her that we would come back the next night.
The following night, we headed promptly and cheerfully for the restaurant that played Gypsy music. Unfortunately, we were greeted by this sign: “Closed on Sundays!”
It was such a huge misfortune because it was our last night in the city !
Helplessly, we returned to our hotel, the Budapest Hilton! We sat down in its restaurant Icon which overlooks the Danube. Besides us, just a handful of people were dining. Seeing two new customers, the pianist came to life and started to belt out:
“My way…!”
Sinatra’s timeless tune reminded us of “our way.” After dinner across from the lights of the Parliament building, we headed our way – our room for a good night’s sleep.

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