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Italians love stairs. In rugged cities, steps are highly important. Undoubtedly the most famous steps are the Spanish Steps in Rome.

I loved the steps at Del Posto.

Del Posto opened in Manhattan in 2005. It became a successful representative of Italian cuisine.  The same year, a little further ahead, Nobu opened in Tribeca.  And that became a very successful ambassador of Japanese cuisine.

Mario Batali and his partners opened Del Posto. People who are into food would recognize charismatic and likable chef Mario Batali. Even if they haven’t eaten at his restaurant, they probably have watched one of his TV show, read one of his cookbooks or shopped at Eataly in Flatiron.

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Mario works with Joe and Lidia Bastianich and Mark Ladner here.

The restaurant is both elegant and has a strong kitchen. I love that it has two floors and a glamorous staircase . I believe that everyone who goes out not just to eat but to have a good time at a nice establishment thinks like me.

I don’t care that it has or doesn’t have a Michelin star; Del Posto is a restaurant where you can spend a good time eat great Italian food.

Lasagna alla Piastra and Livorno style Cacciucco are just two of these memorable dishes.

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