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It has now become fashionable to place merry go rounds, which only used to be in amusement parks, in the middle of cities.

Place de la Madeleine in Paris was the pioneer. Then Golden Eyes in London was placed near the Thames. I gather wealthy municipalities will follow suit.

One of these merry go rounds is located in the small town of Antibes in Côte d’Azur. Although I say small, I must say that the marina, Port Vauban, where the merry go round is located, is the biggest marina in Europe and has a 2000 mooring capacity.

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With overbearing pride, my wife and I hopped on the merry go round at the age of 70. Oh my God, this was nothing like the one in Paris or London! A very narrow boat and low benches for children! There’s a risk you can fall at the slightest movement! Across from us is Fort Carre with all its glory, amazingly beautiful yachts down below and he antique down further ahead… Could there be a more beautiful view? However, we thought about nothing but making it safely to the ground and rushed to Albert 1er as soon as we landed, “Ricard, a few glasses immediately” we said!

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Albert 1er, is located at the heart of Antibes, on the intersection of the sea and a main avenue. It’s at an ideal location for those who want to dine near the water. The menu is mainly seafood. Even though the menu says catch of the day, they are farm fish. But they are fresh! Oysters are the main product. According to chef Michael Mô, 100,000 oysters are consumed at the restaurant per year. On Tuesdays, they have special oyster tastings.

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There is a reasonably priced fixed menu for those who don’t want to dine a la carte.

In addition, if you live nearby, they deliver between 19-21. 30 p.m.

One thing I find strange in a slightly fashionable restaurant in the middle of Antibes such as Albert 1er is the fact that they serve bread in a plastic bread basket.

If you are relaxed this might bother you. But if you have just come off the merry go round and rushed into the restaurant, you may notice it while you’re leaving. And that won’t bother you so much.

After you’ve managed to survive the merry go round and had first a glass of Richard, then a few glasses of finely chilled white wine, you might realize that some things you deem valuable in life are actually inconsequential details!

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