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Anisa was born in Manhattan and lived there until she was two. She never woke up to the sound of roosters.

Her brother Aslan was born in San Francisco; he never swam in the sea when he was a baby. All he saw were a couple of courageous surfers in the cold waters of the Pacific while he played on the beach during weekends.

When they came to Bodrum for their holidays, they insisted on going to the ‘ocean’ as soon as they woke up and put on their bathing suits.

For them, the ‘sea’ was the ‘ocean’; that’s what they had seen and known. It wasn’t easy explaining to them that this was the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and not an ocean.

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I’m a born and bred Mediterranean.

We are still fortunate enough to be woken up by roosters.

Swimming is still an enjoyable pastime.

The sun sets beautifully in the evening and the moon rises elegantly.

One of the things that makes the evening enjoyable is being able to have a couple of drinks on the shore and have long conversations as the sound of waves reverberate in your ears.

The Garden Grill within Hapimag Resort in Bodrum is one of the places that offers such an enjoyment.

It’s a beach restaurant. Tables are located where the sands kiss the sea.  While you’re swimming during the day, you can’t wait for them to set up the tables for the evening. When you take your shower and finally get to your table, what you’ll  find is a grill next to your table where you can cook your fish or meat and sand & sea under your feet. This is the real thing…

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This amenity you cannot find in New York or San Francisco whispers that life is so beautiful despite all the hardships! It reminds you once more that the real richness in your pocket is simply  being alive!

To believe it or not or just be satisfied with it or not is entirely up to you !..

I will help Anisa and Aslan settle because their meatballs are ready.  It’s time for them to take a break from throwing pieces of bread to the fish and stop playing  shouting & screaming with their small, cute friends while they fight to see which grabs the bread!

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  • Reply Chitra January 4, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    Little ones Anisa & Aslan so fotunate … enjoying the sea with Dede & Babane.. at Bodrum.. wonderful memories!!

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