If a man says this to a woman, it means he chooses her, loves her and is there to protect her. If it’s expressed with an erotic, romantic fashion – instead of a macho imperiousness – then I suspect that there is no woman who wouldn’t be swayed by the remark or wouldn’t view it as a wonderful invitation.

And even if there is, she’d be the exception. One of these exceptions, however, just happens to be my wife…

Occasionally, I have been known to snore. In such instances, my wife escapes to the other room. I let her have it at breakfast, though, albeit in a somewhat sheepish and guilty fashion.

“Don’t leave my side… You’re the woman of my bed!”

It’s a beautiful and impactful turn of phrase, but sleep is also wonderful and necessary. The poor woman is left vacillating between a wonderful turn of phrase and the necessity of sleep. When I start to snore, should she stay in bed, tossing and turning without sleeping a wink or head to the other room and get a beauty rest? Should she stay or should she go? If I have to admit it, after you hit 70, a good night’s sleep carries a lot more weight than any romantic sweet nothings.

When I ask at breakfast why she went to the other room, she doesn’t say, “Go to hell, you didn’t let me sleep at all with all that snoring,” but opts instead to say silent and give me an affectionate kiss. I consume the 40 grams of muesli, the half banana and the kefir that she has presented before me with a degree of both guilt and reproach, but I opt not to belabor the matter.

The situation at some restaurants is no different. There are aspects that you really like that entice you to come, but there are other aspects that are sure to give you pause for regret and convince you to head for the door. You’re bound to be caught between two minds about whether to go or stay.

Bebek Balıkçı is that kind of restaurant.

bebek balıkçı 2

Located at one of the most beautiful bends of the Bosphorus, the restaurants offers patrons the chance to dine on a wharf just a meter above the water. While listening to the waves lap below, diners can even hold out a rod and catch fish. And if you squeeze past the yachts that have anchored in the area, a quick swim will soon bring you to another great continent, Asia. At the same time, you’re likely to deem it a great misfortune if you happen to catch a glimpse of the full moon poking out from between the groves and historical mansions on the opposite shore but aren’t able to the share the moment with a loved one. As it is, that’s usually the case, because most come to Bebek Balıkçı for business lunches or dinners. It’s an expensive restaurant, but they take care to offer the freshest fish, and their service is good.

But as someone who has been frequenting this restaurant and the ones near it for more than half a century, one has to note that the menu is always the same: First some white cheese, melon, bonito, aubergine paste and beans in olive oil; shrimp casserole or a plate of kalamari in between, and then the fish of the day. If you’re going to have this just once or a few times, then that’s fine – it’s better than most restaurants in Mediterranean countries. But, perchance, if you want to soak in the wonderful view with any frequency or you routinely want to take clients there, choosing to eat the same things for years on end is likely to become a bit of a bore. As such, you might find yourself racked by indecision: To go or not to go!

Perhaps you’re conservative in your tastes, or perhaps you appreciate change; extend your invitation accordingly.

The choice is yours!

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